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About Our School

Teaching self defense, confidence, and discipline through Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA. Family, kids, and Adult classes available for all levels beginner through advanced.

Instructor/Owner Troy Dorsey

I discovered my passion for martial arts at the age of 18. I was out of shape, overweight, and I did not have the slightest clue what I was doing. The first time I stepped on the mat I fell in love with everything about martial arts. The exercise, the self defense, the confidence building, all of it. For the next few years I devoted my life to sharpening my martial arts skills. I lost 60 pounds and thought nothing could possibly be better than sharpening my skills and becoming a better martial artist. Then my coach offered me an assistant instructor position at his dojo. The first time that a parent thanked me for helping their child so much in their lives off the mat with what we teach on the mat, I realized the real power and purpose of martial arts. As much as I love teaching punches, kicks, and chokes, the best part is helping build confidence, discipline, and a healthier lifestyle that comes with the martial arts journey!

Why Choose Troy Dorsey's Extreme Martial Arts?

Fitness, Discipline, Self-Confidence and Safety!

The days we are living in are unfortunately getting more dangerous in some ways. It’s harder to stay in shape (for adults we’re too busy, for kids, PE programs are being cut). It’s tough to maintain discipline and have self-confidence as the world gets busier and busier. And of course, there are a lot of new personal safety concerns that we need to pay attention to. That’s why at Troy Dorsey’s Karate we address all four issues. Our classes help you stay in shape because you stick with them because of our continuous motivation program, they gradually build discipline (which parent’s of our kids love!) and when you achieve each new level in martial arts and more importantly learn new important skills your confidence will soar! Finally, everything we do will make you or your child safer by building awareness of surroundings, teaching what to do to get out of danger, and ultimately what to do if you are in a serious situation.

We want to make it EASY and FREE – To Get Started!

If you are like most people, considering a martial arts program is a completely new idea. Sure, you may have seen a lot of Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee movies, but to actually DO IT? That’s why offer free information on getting started and you can even get a starting package of classes for free right here on the website! You’re going to discover it’s a safe and fun environment that will build confidence, develop discipline, get you (or your kid) fit and safe… however, frankly, you need to do it to find out!

Tony Dorsey About Group Shot

Our Martial Arts Team Takes Great Pride In The Reviews We Receive

See What Our Community Members Say About Our Programs

Nikki Cormier

I took karate with Troy Dorsey 15 or so years ago. When we were ready to enroll my son in karate, we knew it needed to be done with Mr. Dorsey. He is amazing at what he does. Yes, He is passionate about Martial Arts, but his interest in each child’s success inside and outside of the studio sets him apart from the rest. Mr. Dorsey takes the time to get to know each child, their learning styles, and their needs. This was such a blessing for us. My son is a shy, timid child but we have watched his confidence steadily rise since starting the karate program here. Not only does he teach the students self defense, but he teaches them self control, discipline, and respect. We are very blessed that our child has the opportunity to learn and grow under the influence of a man like Mr. Dorsey.

Mike and Leann Campbell

We have been at Troy Dorsey’s Karate for almost 5 years now, my son earned his Black Belt in August 2019. Troy and his staff go above and beyond with all the students. They not only learn self defense, but discipline, self control, respect and Christian values as well! They truly care about all their students and families and we are so happy our son has learned so much from such a legendary fighter like Troy! If you are looking for a “home” martial arts studio for yourself or your children, we highly recommend them!!

Cyndie Robinson

Troy Dorsey’s Karate studio is amazing. It’s not just about fitness and karate lessons, but about building character, self esteem, and self worth. Mr Dorsey has so much love and patience for these kids. My grandson is extremely shy, sensitive, and hard on himself. He wanted to quit at times but Mr Troy Dorsey patiently encouraged him not to give up and made him feel like he could do it. These are life lessons and other studios wouldn’t have taken the time. Troy is so kind and generous and wants every child to know his worth ! I would highly recommend Troy Dorsey’s Karate Studio! — with Troy Dorsey.