Martial Arts for Kids

See what Parents in Mansfield, TX are saying about our martial arts kids program!

Chris Patterson

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Troy Dorsey's Karate and Fitness Kickboxing is an incredible academy with incredible leadership! The quality and care they put into every student is second to none. They have technique and drilling that will have something for every student no matter their age.

Janet Killenger

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I love this place. My son has been in the karate youth program since the school he was 8. He is now in the advanced program and he loves it. All the coaches are very passionate about teaching the kids about martial arts and self-confidence.

Karen Howard

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Troy Dorsey's Karate and Fitness Kickboxing has been a huge part of the growth of both of my boys. Troy Dorsey has taught them leadership and integrity skills that have always enhanced what we teach at home. Their grades have improved as well!