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Mike and Leann Campbell

We have been at Troy Dorsey’s Karate for almost 5 years now, my son earned his Black Belt in August 2019. Troy and his staff go above and beyond with all the students. They not only learn self defense, but discipline, self control, respect and Christian values as well! They truly care about all their students and families and we are so happy our son has learned so much from such a legendary fighter like Troy! If you are looking for a “home” martial arts studio for yourself or your children, we highly recommend them!!

Matthew Koceich

My family and I are so blessed to be a part of Troy Dorsey's Karate program! Our son is the one who is taking lessons, but because of Mr. Dorsey's high values and heart for God, all of us benefit. Regardless of belt color, Mr. Dorsey cares so much about each child at his school that he gives 100% to every class. Thank you Mr. Dorsey for giving your time to help foster not only martial arts skills in our son, but also to train him up to be a young man of integrity!

Nate Stevens

Been bringing my kid here for 2 months and I'm committed. Mr Dorsey and his instructors are top notch. They are investing in my kid, reinforcing moral values that I share with them, and teaching them a skill they can take for life. Even after a month I can see positive changes in attitude and motivation. Highly recommend.

Matthew Koceich

Troy is an incredible asset to this community. What he teaches is so much more than just Karate. Stop by and watch one of his classes and see how he interacts with his students and builds character, confidence and discipline. Thank you Troy for all that you do!!

Gene McGuire

We took our young grandson to Troy's school to help with his confidence and help his focus. Troy and his instructors are so good with kids and the classes truly helped. Troy is an amazing Christian who truly cares for the kids and everyone. I was having car trouble recently in Walmart parking lot and who stopped by and offered to help? I was pleasantly surprised to see Troy. A karate idol of mine as a kid and an amazing human. His karate school is THE best and he is no doubt, the best karate teacher in DFW.

Cyndie Robinson

Troy Dorsey’s Karate studio is amazing. It’s not just about fitness and karate lessons, but about building character, self esteem, and self worth. Mr Dorsey has so much love and patience for these kids. My grandson is extremely shy, sensitive, and hard on himself. He wanted to quit at times but Mr Troy Dorsey patiently encouraged him not to give up and made him feel like he could do it. These are life lessons and other studios wouldn’t have taken the time. Troy is so kind and generous and wants every child to know his worth ! I would highly recommend Troy Dorsey’s Karate Studio! — with Troy Dorsey.

Nikki Cormier

I took karate with Troy Dorsey 15 or so years ago. When we were ready to enroll my son in karate, we knew it needed to be done with Mr. Dorsey. He is amazing at what he does. Yes, He is passionate about Martial Arts, but his interest in each child’s success inside and outside of the studio sets him apart from the rest. Mr. Dorsey takes the time to get to know each child, their learning styles, and their needs. This was such a blessing for us. My son is a shy, timid child but we have watched his confidence steadily rise since starting the karate program here. Not only does he teach the students self defense, but he teaches them self control, discipline, and respect. We are very blessed that our child has the opportunity to learn and grow under the influence of a man like Mr. Dorsey.